Darth Subitus


A Noble, who is strong in the force, seeking to restore her families strength in the galaxy.


Natasi was born to the Pallopides Family on the world of Naboo in 11 ABY. During that year the Galactic Civil War that had raged for decades finally came to an end with the final destruction of Palpatine and the New Republic finally gaining control of Coruscant. Off on Naboo she was born to a the Pallopides family and lived the first couple of years of her life in the Lake Country on Naboo.

One day when she was 3 she started to do things that made her parents extremely nervous. She began to move objects without touching them and was able to do things a normal human could not even think of doing. That was the point that parents decided something had to be done! Her parents did not want her to use the force because their family name does not sit well with the galaxy when you mention there is a force user in your family. Natasi’s family is a distant relation to former Emperor of the now deceased Galactic Empire, Palpatine. In a move that didn’t make much sense Natasi’s parents thought that if they were to send her away and hide all fact that she was ever related to the diabolical Sith Lord Emperor. That was the point that a young Senator from Hapes contacted her parents and adopted her, Natasi never saw her real parents again.

From that point on Natasi Pallopides would go by the name of Katja Organa and would live with the Senator and his Wife on Hapes. As Katja grew up she was introduced into the world of politics in the Hapes Consortium and the galaxy. When Katja was 8 and her family was on vacation to Mon Calamari there was a sudden change in her life. The Senator and his Wife did an excellent job of hiding her past and while on vacation, with her “mom” and “dad” a group of assassins who meant to kill the Senator missed their target and killed his wife. So for the past 5 years of her life, the person she knew as mom was killed and something set her off on a path to get revenge in some way. While Katja wanted revenge she was quickly settled down by Senator Organa and he said that being a Senator has its downfalls.

Katja’s life settled down once again and she began to work on training to become a Senator. She spent most of her time on Coruscant with her father and by the time she was 11 she was very skilled in negotiating and even though not necessary for a Senator, she was a fairly good fighter. She continued her education and while doing research about powerful leaders she began to explore the background of Palpatine. She traveled to Bastion, the capital of the Imperial Remnant, to use their archives for more background information about the infamous Emperor. In her research she discovered a vague outline of Palpatine’s lineage, while their were many gaps in it, the last known name of descendants was the Pallopides family from Naboo.

She finished her research on Palpatine but there was something about his last descendants that intrigued her. She decided to try and contact them but was met with a dead end and learned that the Pallopides were killed 2 years ago in a small revolt on Naboo. Katja even traveled to Naboo and an old lady started to call her “Natasi,” which confused Katja but she had heard that name before. The woman followed her around and when the woman discovered that she was researching the Pallopides family, the woman told her that they had a daughter that the gave away in order to protect her, and that Katja looked a lot like her. This woman began to tell her stories about the Pallopides family, their daughter, why they gave her up, and even where they girl ended up moving too. Katja quickly put the pieces together and realized that the Pallopides’ daugher was her.

Katja contacted her “father” on Coruscant saying that she was going to stay on Naboo for sometime and to not worry about her. By now she was 12 and finally discovered parts of her past that she never could’ve dreamed of. The old lady eventually revealed parts of her past to Katja, who decided that she would go by Natasi from now on; as it was her real name. Natasi learned that this woman was extremely strong in the force and was willing to train Natasi to embrace its full power. Natasi spent every day for the next 2 years learning from the Old Lady, who really wasn’t old it was just a force technique she used to hide her true identity. The Lady taught Natasi everything she knew and they even unleashed themselves to learn more.

Natasi turned 14 and decided that it would be time to head back Coruscant and meet back up with her “father.” Natasi and the Lady decided that they would continue their training on Coruscant but the Lady would not be able to meet with her in person a lot due to the fact of the Jedi Order being reestablished and the threat that she would be discovered by Luke Skywalker. They parted ways and set up their schedule to coordinate meetings and continue training. On her trip back to Coruscant, Natasi studied everything the Lady gave her and thought that her family deserved better and that her destiny is to restore family to power in the galaxy because that is where it deserved to be.

Once she returned to Coruscant and met up with Senator Organa, she explained that she continued her education on Naboo and learned more about her past. The Senator told her to ignore what she had heard and that it was a lie and this began his push for the Jedi Order to protect her and make her realize that what she had learned was false. The Jedi Order refused as they were focused on a new threat on the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong, and that the New Republic was thrust into a war once again. Natasi continued her training with the Lady and her education, to please her “father,” but also because it could help her in her destiny. By 15 she was extremely skilled in various force powers and she had even learned powers that her master did not know. She continued the charade that she had forgotten what she had learned in her 2 years on Naboo and also put on a charade of being extremely shy and would not talk to anyone. Natasi learned to hide her force powers from being discovered and for publicity continued to go by the name of Katja Organa.

By 16, the Yuuzhan Vong were ravaging the galaxy, and she convinced her “father” with a little help from the force that she needed protection from the Jedi and her “father” contacted the order, who sent a group of 6 Jedi learners to look after her and make sure that the anti-Jedi sentiment didn’t reach this extremely strong force sensitive teenager. The group of Jedi watched after her constantly and during the night shifts of their watch she still managed to meet up with the Lady, her master, to continue her training and even arranged for her “father” to disappear. Eventually during the watch duty of a Zabrak, who never shared his name, things took a turn for the worse and she was gassed by the Yuuzhan Vong, a Senator and the Black Sun. Eventually she woke up and realized she was in the Jedi Temple and in the middle of the Jedi order. The next thing she knew Coruscant was being invaded by the Vong and she decided that if she were to survive and complete her destiny she would have to fight her way off his planet. During her fighting she eventually met up with some of the Jedi who watched after her and the ones who didn’t cause problems while watching her.

She met up with them, fought her way off the planet with them and decided to stay with them, as she liked them, and hoped that they would be able to help her continue her quest. Even though she wasn’t sure how exactly to tell them about her past, family, etc.

Darth Subitus

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