A perfect balance of calm and storm.


Ourea was born on the Ithorian home planet of Ithor on the year 11 ABY. Both gifted in science and technology, he began learning about galaxy, with the hopes of venturing off world. Realizing his potential with the force, Ourea was sent to Yavin to learn the ways of the force in 21 ABY. A pacifist and thinker by nature, Ourea learned the powers of farseeing, force disarm, force stun, and mind trick quickly, choosing to diffuse conflict rather than contribute to it.

The destruction of Ithor was devastating for Ourea, his entire family having been wiped out by the invading Vong forces. As if the death of his family wasn’t enough, the subsequent annhilation of the mother jungle and the razing of the planet was an indescribable loss. His pacifist ideals broke under the weight of grief and anguish felt at the the loss of family and home. Ourea doubled his efforts, channeling all his grief into his force training. He began to perceive the force in a whole new way. Training in combat oriented force skills, he has learned to focus his loss and pain, and he can unleash it in devastating ways. At the fall of the temple in Yavin, Ourea accompanied his master Tionne Solusar and the younglings to Shelter. There he has continued his training and has also assisted the New Republic as both a mechanic and scientist. Despite the pain and anger he felt at the loss of home and family, he has not given in to the dark side of the force. He prepares for the chance to fight the Vong. Not seeking revenge, he simply cannot and will not allow them to destroy life further than they have.


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