Torel Din

Jedi Padawan training to master the Force and hone his skills to protect the innocent.


Torel Din was the son of Tibanna Gas miners on Dorin, his homeworld. His parents wanted more for him than the poor life they had. They refused to let him learn their trade, but also refused to shelter him. In doing so he spent most of his time either in school or out with other kids playfighting. Among his friends, Torel was the smallest. This drove him to then try to be the best swordsman among them.

One day Torel was on the outskirts of the city with his friends. There was suddenly a large explosion back towards town. As the children ran back to see what was happening they could see several black spots dotting the skies. The children had seen ships come and go before but never in this number. “Pirates” was the only thing the kids could think of.

By the time they returned, the ships were already leaving with whatever bounty they could have found. What the children found before them was chaos. These pirates must also have some trade in slavery as they were pulling miners into their ship. Some of the kids saw their parents, screamed out, and charged at these slavers. The slavers thought that a mockery of a battle was going to ensue, but the children’s playfighting won them some decent blows; enough, in fact, to anger the pirates. However, pirates don’t fight fair. One pirate standing near an open hatch on the ship started taking shots at the children.

After a few fell to the ground yells rang out from inside the ship. Torel, who had been hiding behind a dumpster too scared to fight, saw his parents on that ship. They along with other parents found a new cause to fight after watching children fall to these monsters. They may have been strong for being miners but none of them really knew how to fight. Something snapped inside Torel as he watched his mother and father fall to the floor in a bloody pile.

Screaming in a rage he had never known, with a thought, he sent the dumpster flying into the bodies of the pirates that had taken the shots at his parents. He charged the ship with his stick, easily sidestepping incoming blasts from the other pirates. At the base of the rampthree pirate slavers stepped in front of him. they must have decided that a Force sensitive kid was worth more alive. that was their mistake. A blood rage enveloped Torel and with a howl he sent the pirates flying into the ship.

Minutes later torel was found crying over his parents’ bodies. The pirates were all dead. Other kids were crying over their parents as well. The pirates had killed all the miners on the ship before Torel was able to do something. A figure in brown robes knelt down beside him. This man told Torel that what he had done today was amazing and a rare occurance. He explained the boy’s powers to him and how there was a place that could teach him how to control these powers. He told Torel that even though all these miners were dead he had saved them. He prevented a far worse life that they would have had as slaves. Torel and his friends were heroes.

The only thought Torel had though was vengeance. He asked if this place could teach him to fight and help stop evil people from doing things like this again. The figure told him that it could. He told Torel that if he trained hard enough that he could even learn a style of fighting that would let him harness his rage and use it instead of it using him. This lightsaber combat form was called Vaapad. He was warned that it was a fine line to tread though and that he must be vigilant in his training. Torel looked at the man and told him that walking tight lines was a hobby of his. Torel kissed his parents’ heads and vowed that he would be successful.

The figure turned out to be a Jedi that had just seen the pirates leaving and landed to try to help the survivors. He took Torel back to the Jedi Temple. There he spent the next several years learning how to control the Force and control himself. He was given the chance to learn Vaapad. Very few were allowed to learn that form. Vaapad, also known as Juyo, embraces one’s anger during combat while also holding it back so as not to allow it, and the Dark Side, to consume the person. Torel owed much to his Master for granting him that opportunity.

Torel Din

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