Yossy at first looks like your average gungun . . . up until you look in his eyes and see an energy burning to get out.



Name: Yossy

strength 11 dexterity 19 constitution 15 intelligence 12 wisdom 18 charisma 14

hp 36

base attack +2 atara lightsaber style (dex rather than strength for dmg, if double handed, double dex mod)

  • fortitude 15
  • reflex 18
  • will 17
trained skills (rest are per stat mod only)
  • acrobatics 10
  • endurance 8
  • initiative 10
  • perception 10
  • pilot 10
  • use the force 8
some equipment:
  • jet pack
  • blast helmet and vest
  • light saber
  • basic
  • altese
  • force sensitivity
  • force training x 1
  • weapon finesse (light saber)
  • weapon profisciency (light saber, simple weapon)
  • elusive target (10 for my enemies to target me at range-take that storm troopers!)
the force
  • battle strike
  • move object
  • rebuke
  • sever force
  • surge

Naboo Night: Yossy was born to a quite gungun family in a quite gungun town. His siblings, 3 sisters and 3 brothers, weren’t content to live the quite quaint gungun life that their parents had lived. Yossy, youngest of all them, remembered the night that his eldest brother ran away. He’d seen his brother crouching low by the window and in the darkness he’d asked,”Brother, where are you going?” His brother had taken one long look at him, said, ”You wouldn’t understand,” and lept away, with naught but the sund splash of water marking his passing to somewhere far far away. There was a lot of work living in the gungun household. His parents were honest hard working folk and they wanted to teach their children to be that way to. But it was a small household to, and though there was lots of work, there was lots of laughter to. Young Yossy, still but a little boy, really, was having trouble sleeping one night, when he heard his two sisters laughing. Creeping down the hall way he snuck a look into their room and saw the two curled up on the bed reading. “What are you reading?” he asked them. The youngest snatched something and hid it. The older sister had paused, biting her lip, before sighing and saying,”He’s his brother to. And yours. Show it to him.” And so they had. A letter! From his eldest brother! His brother was living in the biggest city on naboo now. The letter talked of his wild new life style, of the parties, the operas, the gambling halls, the catina bands. He even had a fianca now, some off world lady from corosant. Wow! Yossy could scarce believe it. “Why, this is great!” he said,”Mom and dad are going to be so so happy that he’s alive and well!” His old sister bit her lip again and told him sternly and patiently that he must never ever tell his parents. And that he musn’t tell them that she was leaving soon to. The city was calling. The country was old and boring. It was time for a new life. “But you can’t a leave me here, big sis!” he wailed. She said no again and surely that was that. When his sister ran away he didn’t even hear the splash or get to see her go or anything. She was just gone. By this point, his parents were getting progressively more and more worried. Two of their babies were missing. They told the local authorities, of course…but what was to be done about it? One night he caught his middle sister reading with his middle brother over a letter. When he asked, they showed him. A letter from his eldest sister! Oh wonders! She was now living in the big city to, and was actually singing in a catina band. Wow! Truly his parents needed to know. They would be oh so proud. “You can’t tell them,” his middle sister told him, sternly. “That’s right. Swear you’ll never say a word. They need help though. They need money. The city costs a lot. An extra couple hands to help work in the catina band will make the difference. Its time we went to.” “No!” Yossy wailed, and there was a sharp ring as though something heavy had just struck the wall. The three of them looked around wildly, unsure of what on earth had made the errie sound. “Little younglings, are you okay?” Came his mothers bleary grief stained voice calling from the floor below. Unsure, they looked all around. “Yes.” His middle sister called, hesitantly, unsure. A few nights later when she and the middle brother were up late at night giggling in the kitchen, Yossy knew that they two were running away, off to the wild city, leaving him and his family for coin and his oldest sister and brother. He ran down stairs and he saw there two siloutes by the window, above the water way without. They looked brave and noble standing their in the multicolored moon light, but vain and stupid to, and oh so very young, even to him, a little child in truth. His middle brother waved at him once, and his sister blew a kiss at him, saying she loved him, and they moved to dive downwards into the water. “Noooo!!!!!” There was the sharp snap of the window banging shut, blocking their way, and outside the water hissed and splashed angrily. The whole room shook for a moment, and sundly Yossy felt so very tired and every thing seemed to tip and blur. The next thing he knew his brother and sister were there, holding him up, supporting him, lest he fall over, and he could hear footsteps running towards them all. “My babies! What happened?” his mother called, his father standing sternly by her side. “I don’t know. The room, the whole room just started shaking, and Yossy, he doesn’t look alright. He looks so very pale,” his middle brother was saying. A sharp intake of breath announced his parents discovery. “What is this?” he heard his mothers angry heart broken voice bellowing, as she gestured madly at the water proof knap sacks that his siblings had thrust travel rations into. “This? Nothing, I swear,” they both protested simoltanously, but the gig was up. From that day forth at least one of his parents would always be standing guard by the exits of the house, and all the windows were padlocked from the outside. Yossy wondered what fortune had shone down to save his middle brother and sister and was so very very happy, until the package arrived. His parents opened it up one day and screamed and cried so loud. Thrust inside, horribly, awfully, was a gungun finger. A familiar finger. His brothers finger. Inside was a note. The note read that there family had acquired a great debt and that his family must pay the great debt. It was to expensive for them to pay, except perhaps…perhaps if a few of the older more capable children would come and work off the debt, the matter would be straightened out. The older brother had recently worked so very hard that he had hurt himself, lost his finger, and indeed was in danger of being hurt much much worse. The children must leave immediately to serve, by the order of Old Hedida. Yossy had a sund image of a great horrid beast, laughing and laughing. Old Hedida. The name meant nothing to any of them. Being honest law abiding citizens, his parents presented the letter to the local authorities, who grew very silent and who returned enmass to his home later on that day. His parents were arguing with them. No, no, no…not my babies….not my sons, not my daughters. “Its for your own good. You don’t know what your dealing with!” they were told. And they searched for and found his middle brother, and his middle sister, and they packed them up into the waiting speeders, and then they went for his remaining brothers and sisters, all who were crying now, and then they came for Yossy. Strong gungun hands reached for him and he had never felt so scared in his whole life. His parents were shrieking and crying and swearing and saying ungungun like things, and he felt something stirring deep inside, and a strange power seemed to grow within. He reached out, and they very space erupted with energy, as an awesome force unleashed to slam the gungun police man hard into the far wall. He stood there, shaking, a thin trail of blood leaking out of his nose for a moment. His eyes met those of the police man, who was shaking. And then the others came for him, and he was now to week to stand, let alone fight them, and he was thrown in a dark speeder and taken away from his quite home, his parents, his life. Time and distance passed faster than thought and he was thrown roughly to the ground. He looked up to see a great bulbouse almost worm like beast that laughed a deep threating booming laugh Something hard came crashing down into his skull. “Don’t look up at great Hedida, cur.” Snapped a whip like voice. Rather than looking up then, he looked to his side, and saw a sight that sickened him more than anything he would see for many years to come. The baton that had just wounded him rested in a familiar gungun hand, familiar save it was missing one finger. “Brother,” he managed to breath at last. “I have no brother,” the older gungun told him, kicking him hard once. “I have no sister. I have just worthless nerf, and I am your hearder, beast. You will do what I say. You will work for lord Hedida, you will serve, serve serve. You will man the cantina bars, you will do their dark deeds, and you will smile while doing it.” “Mother and father—how could you? If they only knew…” “Shut up!” this time his brother lifted him up and began to choke him. Yossy could feel the world and time and space sitting there for a moment, and the next thing he knew, his brother was a dozen feet away, scratching desperately at his throat. The great booming laughter paused and they came and took him away and locked him away somewhere dark. He was aware of time passing, but not how much. At last a beam of light cracked open, and he saw a leath cloaked figure enter his sell. The stranger was speaking with one of his captors. “Ah, so this is the slave. Well, I must say, for one so weak, he certainly fetched quite a price. I think you should honestly pay me for ridding yourselves of this one.” Yossy started to rise, to struggle to protest, but the stranger looked at him, a strange sence in his maner, and said, ”silent, young gungun. Trust me.” “Oh, well very well. A deals a deal. I’ll take him, though I don’t like it now. Come with me, you.” And so he was lead out of his cell, the world so britght and painful to look upon. Once they were a bit further away, the stranger looked at him, and smiled. “Yossy, noble young gungun, rest easy. You are among friends. Master Luke sent me. He is no close friends of the huts, and Hedida’s days as a crime lord here on naboo are well over. Even as we speak my fellows are freeing the others, yes, your parents to. Fear not, they will handle everything.” Confusion warred across Yossies face. “Why? Well, the huts always have their hands in the wrong places, seeking power and wealth. Why you? It could have been anyone. It has been, until today. Why you? Because of who you are, what you are, your potential. There is a great destiny before you, Yossy, and we have seen that if we are to survive, this is not your place to die, you shall…wait, whats that?” There was the rappid eruption of blaster fire and the fierce crackling of a light saber bursting into being in the strangers hands. The beam of light deflected the blaster fire and the stranger moved impossibly fast, the light saber sliding catlike forward to and thru their assailant, who dropped, unmoving on the ground. Yossy stared down, dumb founded. His eldest looked up at him, unseeing, his mouth hanging open and his teeth bared. “Brother, why . . .” Yossy began, talking to his brothers corpse. But then he looked around, and he could see down out a window, his brothers and sisters being freed, their faces streaked with tears and sorrow from the pain and horror of their captivity, and he knew none of their lives would never be the same again, after this. “Do you know him,” the jedi asked him, having not heard his prior whisper. “I thought so, for a moment. I was mistaken.” He told his savior, and together they walked off.

Epuilogue: the rest of yossies siblings were returned to the quite country living. His eldest sister promptly ran off immediately to rejoin the wild catina bands, and though the rest remained with his parents (for a while at least) the city and the wild music of the city were part of their souls now, for better or worse. Though there time had been horrid in the city, they were hardy adventurouse youths, ready to give the world a second chance, this time with their parents blessings. All would see one another again and live happily ever after…for some time at least. Yossy would not be seen again, for many years at least. He journeyed with the new republic jedi and began to train and was soon a padawan, learning the ways of the force. Though he two eventually encountered the city and learned to love it in his new way, the country and city stood in balance in his soul, and he knew that the tradgedies he had observed were not the cost of the country or the city, but just that, a tradjedy. He felt it was his destiny to make sure that these things never happened ever again, that he should someday have a chance to stop those that would come for power, for wealth, for their own reasons, to destroy everything, ruin everything…that he must stop them, so that evil would be opposed. He looked at the jedi that had saved him and longed to learn the way. Little did he know that even then his galaxy was about to be invaded and that the hope of all the people of his galaxy, good and bad, would soon rest on his shoulders, and that of his noble jedi brothers and sisters.


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