Part 1

Chapter 1: The Heroes Beginnings on Yavin 4

As the war and invasion began to rapidly spread, 6 Jedi entered into a combat training exercise in a “damaged” Throne Room of the Great Temple on Yavin 4. While it was only a training exercise it was very important for the Jedi, because the masters at the academy knew they had to be ready to fight the unknown force or Yuuzhan Vong.

After the training exercise the masters gave the students time off to work on their studies. While the students were unaware of the battles in the galaxy, the masters were and wanted to know where the students were at all times so if they were to leave the temple they had to inform the masters of where they were going.

At just about mid day Jedi Master Kyle Katarn came over the speakers in the temple asking all students to report to the conference room on the third level of the temple for a important meeting. All of the students of the temple were present, except the Kewowada and the Zabrak who failed to report to the masters that they had left the temple, and informed that the temple was being evacuated because intel points towards the Yuuzhan Vong coming to the system to destroy the temple and the Jedi there. As the students leave the room and head to their dormitories to gather their personal belongings, New Republic ships have landed with small groups of soldiers to help in defense and evacuation of the temple. As soldiers set up defensive perimeters and Jedi, Timotheus Ishmerai included, helped with the loading of the Gallofree Transport ships of supplies while Torel Din was sent to gather a group of younglings who had wandered away from the temple after the meeting. While piloting his landspeeder to their location he passed a couple of squads of New Republic soldiers and a couple of AT-ST’s guarding the main path up to the temple. As he gathered the younglings he heard the sounds of explosions and looked up to see squadrons of X-Wings and TIE fighters battling what looked like massive bunches of coral flying and shooting bursts of magma. He sped back to the temple hoping that he would not be killed by what was happening above him, because as he drove back more and more explosions occurred behind him, to the side of him and even in front of him.

Torel Din arrived back at the temple just in time to get the remaining younglings on a ship that was leaving for Coruscant with Jedi Master Katarn aboard. The ship left after the Jedi Master told his apprentice, Torel Din, and Yossy to go guard a back path leading to the temple. As Master Katarn left another Jedi landed in an XJ X-Wing Fighter, Nico-Nico who was close by recognized him as Anakin Solo, the youngest son of Han and Leia. By this time the Nico Nico and the Zabrak were stationed on the edges of the main path with Timotheus Ishmerai , the Kewowada and Anakin Solo by Temple making sure the remaining supplies make it on board the ships and everyone makes it off the planet before the Vong reach the temple. While waiting for everything to fall into place the explosions increase and on the main path up to the temple the Ewok and the Zabrak see six battle beaten New Republic Soldiers and one AT-ST approaching the temple…..

While the AT-ST moved past the Furby and the Zabrak, the retreating New Republic Soldiers formed a line to help the two Jedi defend the main path up to the temple. While there was a back path leading up to the temple it was guarded by Torel Din and Yossy who had the path covered. Up by the temple Anakin Solo sent the wookie and Timotheus into the temple to make sure that it was clear of everyone and any materials they deemed important enough to be saved. While the searched the temple the Last Battle for the Jedi Temple began!

Chapter 2: First Time on Coruscant

As the Jedi traveled to Coruscant aboard on Imperial Star Destroyer the group split up and began work on many things. Some of them went to the war room to gather information about the Vong, while others worked on their newly acquired X-wing fighters and the remainder wandered around the ship training in combat or just relaxing. When they arrived in Coruscant the majority of the group took a shuttle down to the Jedi Temple while one pilot went to the Super Star Destroyer in orbit to meet up with his new X-wing Squadron.

When the group arrived at the Temple they were greeted by Torel Din’s master Kyle, who gave them an assignment that required them to immerse themselves into Coruscant’s various life styles. The 6 group members were split up by Kyle into pairs and sent to various districts in Coruscant to gather information about Public support for the Jedi. Timotheus and Torel were sent to the middle class section of Coruscant, Kewowada and Yossy were sent to the Entertainment District, and Nicko-Nicko, the ewok, and Tzar, the zabrak, were sent into the slums. All of the experiences varied!

Torel and Timotheus in the Middle Class

Wookie and Yossy dancing the Night Away

Nicko Nicko and Tzar near death experience

While the Wookie returned to the Temple, she was not the only one to return early. Nicko-Nicko returned to the temple after encountering a strong dark-side user in the Slums and he was in need of extreme medical care. Elsewhere on Coruscant Torel and Timotheus are gathered a generally positive response to Jedi but sensed that Tzar was in trouble.

Torel and Tim rushed to the Slums and discovered that Tzar had stumbled onto a old Empire Outpost hidden in the Slums, that was full of dark side energy. The Wookie and Ewok sensed the danger and rushed back to the area to aid in pulling Tzar away from the building as he had gone insane trying to find the dark side energy in the building.

The group returned to the Jedi Temple and informed the masters of the building. While Tzar and Nicko-Nicko were in the medical bay for the night, recovering from injuries or undergoing medical tests, the rest relaxed waiting to hear from the masters what was in the outpost. In the morning Nicko-Nicko was released and rejoined the group members just in time to get involved in an assignment. The group, minus Yossy and Tzar, were to return to Explore the Imperial Outpost that they encountered the night before. While there were many old Outposts on Coruscant this one was particularly interesting and needed more investigating.

The Outpost turned out to be a facility constructed by Emperor Palpatine to build a Sith Holocron. The 4 Jedi informed Kyle and the other masters who investigated the holocron. The masters investigated the Outpost and sealed the building hoping no one enter the building again.

Their Daily Life On Coruscant

The Six Jedi grew accustom to their new lifestyle on Coruscant very quickly. Tzar even joined a fighter squadron to become a more effective person for the NR. While everyone would train for days, whether it was in the force or other styles of fighting, the rest of the friends became interested in joining a fighter squadron as well.

One day while Tzar and Torel were training in their flight simulations, Tzar who finished earlier decided he would go off and investigate that old outpost again.

Tzar investigates the Outpost

After the previous day’s events Tzar was in major trouble with the Jedi Order. He was eventually sent before the Jedi Council and was stripped of his master, he couldn’t leave the temple, and had to account for his actions or he could be expelled from the Jedi Order. After his hearing, The Wookie tried to help redeem Tzar for his previous actions. While that occurred everyone else in the group entered the flight sims and was accepted into a fighter squadron in some way…

All Six Jedi were eventually sent to the Super Star Destroyer in orbit over the planet and were sent to defend the planet Chandrila. They were sent there and immediately attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong worldship and skips that were already in the system. While Yossy and Tzar did their job trying to defend Chandrila, another Yuuzhan Vong worldship appeared behind the moon and overran the fleet that the NR sent. The group retreated back to Coruscant and were safe….for the moment….

When the group returned back to Coruscant they brought all their ships back down to the planet surface and placed in the military base. After that the group was sent back to the temple and were immediately informed that they had to go the old Imperial Palace and meet a young noble and her father. The group arrived at the Palace and were instructed to go to the fourth floor and meet a Senator Organa from Hapes.

They walked into to see an empty office and saw nothing but sensed someone hiding under the desk on the far side of the room. After investigating they found a noble girl hiding and began to converse with her, when her father walked in. He introduced himself as a distant relation to Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, but he himself worked for the Queen of Hapes as her representative in the Senate. He tells the group that he wants them to protect his daughter, Darth Subitus, while he is busy at work because there is something special about the girl, who is very strong in the force. The group organizes their schedules and are instructed to begin at 6am the next day.

In their free time the group splits up to work on tasks such as helping younglings, doing research about the Vong or going around places in the city nearby. Torel Din and Nicko Nicko were the ones who went back to the Slums. Once their Torel investigated an arms dealer in a place called Trader Joe’s. Inside there he noticed a set of Cortosis Gauntlets. He tried to buy them but couldn’t afford them and Joe advised him that everyone’s favorite Black Sun Smuggler owes him 5,000 credits and that if Torel brings him the money he will cut him a deal on the gauntlets.

Torel and Nicko head to the Cantina where the Smuggler always is at and they encounter him, the Dark Jedi and Senator Shesh. After convincing him to meet in private, The Smuggler also asks for the Senator to join as she has an offer for Torel. In the meeting they discuss the money owed to Joe and the Senator and the Smuggler tell Torel that they will give him the 5,000 and offer him more money if he can lead them to the Skywalker’s and also hand over Tzar. They will pay 100,000 credits up front plus another 330,000 if he completes all the tasks. Torel Agrees!!!

After that the group moves back to the Temple and encounters a group of Jedi taking care of a Twi-Lek who just survived a voxyn attack. Yossy began doing research on the Voxyn and tried to find more info on the Vong as well. While he found nothing about the Voxyn he did learn the Emperor Palpatine did know about the Vong.

The following morning the group began their protection of the noble and accidentally awakened the force in her. As the day progressed Torel tried to coax Tzar into helping him, but was unsuccessful, Torel also received a package from the Senator that included his Cortosis gauntlets. The day progressed with no problems during the patrols until later on when Senator Shesh and a mysterious cloaked man began arriving at the office looking for Tzar and others. During the later shifts there was mysterious movements in the hallway and the group learned that the Senator mysteriously disappeared.

The next day the group also listened in on the meeting that everyone was at discussing the location of the Voxyn and the plans to destroy them.

This will lead to changes for the NR and for the group of Jedi Learners….. drastic changes are about to occur, that no one will see coming.

Looking after Darth Subituscontinued on, until Tzar received a package that contained the Sith Holocron from his earlier exploits and the 2 were gassed by an unknown group after Tzar refused to talk to the Senator and the Black Sun guy about working for them and accepting their gift.

Retreat from Coruscant

After the threatened lives of Tzar and the young Noble, the Jedi got them back to full health and sent them off. Things began to get worse for everyone on the planet as the New Republic encountered more problems from the Vong. In the temple, Yossy continued his research about the Vong and eventually he discovered the plans the NR had for the possible invasion of Coruscant when it would happen. The plans included how to evacuate citizens and where to concentrate all NR soldiers and available Jedi, the plan also suggested that possible invasions were weeks away…..the intel was wrong.

Retreat from Coruscant

Tim, along with his 6 other companions sped away from the horrific battlefield towards space and a new planet. As they left major buildings on the planet were destroyed, from what they could tell it came from the area they just vacated. Once in space surrounding Coruscant they were in the middle of a raging space battle, but luckily for them neither side attacked the ship they were piloting. Timotheus entered hyper to clear the system and then decide where they were going to head next. The group decided to head to Tatooine, Tim punched the coordinates into the computer and they were underway to a new destination, far away from the Jedi.

Chapter 3: Arrival and Exploration of Tatooine

During hyper Yossy interrogated his Yuuzhan Vong captive, while everyone else sat around or did very little training. Eight days later the group exited hyper and entered the Tatooine System. As they approached the planet, Timotheus took a scan of the planet to gather information of settlement locations. As the descended to the surface Timotheus searched for places that have known the force. Eventually he found a small hut on the edge of a cliff that has known the force.

Some group members exited the freighter with Tim as he made his way up to the hut to investigate it. They entered the hut and took their time to investigate everything in the building, eventually Tim found a crate under a pile of sand and inside found some metal supplies and a found a round crystal. As Tim searched the hut, Maurde traveled past the hut to investigate a settlement far to the north of the hut. He investigated the abandoned settlement and stumbled past a vast array of moisture vaporators and even a grouping of grave markers with the last name of Lars on all of them. After searching the settlement and finding nothing, he walked back to the groups landing site.

Once the group was back together they decided that they needed supplies. So they decided to send three of them into the nearest city to get supplies. Torel, the Wookie and Maurde traveled to Mos Espa to gather supplies including food, civilian clothes, and even searched from weapons. They gathered the materials met back at Timotheus’s speeder and decided that it would be best to head back to the ship.

The three Jedi headed back to the ship and once there they discovered that everyone was training. Maurde and Yossy were outside the ship practicing their force powers and lightsaber attacks, while Timotheus spent his time in the hut, Nicko and Torel fought each other and the Wookie hid the training sabers. While outside Maurde lost control of his saber and it ended up flying away from him and he convinced Yossy to help him search for it.

They moved south of the ship only to see a beast on the horizon heading towards them. They found the lightsaber but by that point it was to late, they were being towered over by a Bull Rancor! The two tried to fight the rancor on the ground and in the air but unfortunately Yossy was bit by the rancor, lucky it did not kill him. Nicko realized what was happening and ran as fast as he could to get there and was eventually they savior. He used the force and stunned the beast and coup-de-graced the unconscious beast. With the amount of meat and skin that was in front of them they decided to try to sell some of it and with great success. Nicko soon had a small fortune off of the skin and meat, while he also kept a tooth from the rancor as a trophy. Eventually the group managed to stick around the ship for a day with only Tim wandering out to gather a moisture vaporator so they would have water.

The next day Maurde decided that he wanted to go to Anchorhead to find some weapons and Nicko accompanied him across the desert, with Tim’s R2 unit and landspeeder. They reached the settlement and went to a cantina in an attempt to find a Hutt. They went after one guy who would not help them because he insisted that there was no Hutt nearby and even after Maurde mind-tricked him into showing where they needed to go they still got no where. Eventually they decided to head South from Anchorhead and tried to find a Hutt on their own.

Exploring the Abandoned Outpost

After the two fought their way out of the palace, they contacted the rest of the group to come and save them. Torel and Yossy went after them in a land speeder while Tim and everyone else watched the action from above as they were all told the horrible news that the Peace Brigade was heading to Tatooine. After Tim got everyone aboard their L4000 they took off and under the orders of Maurade destroyed the palace, hopefully everyone inside of it, and then attempted to reach orbit and hoped to make it to either Naboo or at least off planet and hide on one of Tatooine’s moons. As they moved forward and into orbit they encountered a patrol of the Tatooine Security Force telling them they must go back to the surface and land in Mos Eisley and wait for the Peace Brigade to arrive. Reluctantly the group landed on the surface under armed escort and were sealed in a hanger with all other types of ships.

Blockaded on Tatooine

Once on Tatooine, Tim locked down the ship to make sure that no one could enter or leave the ship. In the free time Nicko started to move around the ship in the air ducts and entered the room of Yossy’s captured Vong Warrior. Nicko began to converse with Vong asking him if he wanted to be set free. The Vong didn’t fully understand Nicko until Nicko showed the Vong how to open the door and get free. Nicko left them room and seeing Nicko did not capture the Vong, the Vong was not going to listen to him so the Vong stepped towards the door, opened it and began to move out of the room only to run into Natasi, who encountered the Vong and attempted to talk with him eventually she walked away towards the cockpit and Nicko, who overheard the attempted conversation, followed the Vong down to the lower level of the ship and the exit.

Once down their Nicko found the Vong exploring the speeder, mainly how to operate the weapons system on it, and Nicko stood in his way hoping for back up and not to be killed. As this occurred he talked with Torel, Tim, Maurade and Yossy about what he thought he had saw between Natasi and Natasi attempted to convince them that Nicko saw/heard wrong. Torel had heard enough and instead of hearing both sides of the story quickly sided with the ewok and told Natasi/Katja to stay in her room. So just in order to obey Natasi/Katja went to her room even though she hadn’t left her room. So she wanted to make everyone extremely nervous for not hearing her out and her illusion disappeared right in front of them. Back in the hanger the Vong was still around the speeder and Nicko was getting worried, except by this time Yossy and one of his R2 units, codenamed Zappity, were in the hanger as well hoping that his presence would stop the Vong. Nicko had heard and seen enough and slammed the Vong and the Speeder, destroying the front half of the speeder and badly injuring the Vong. The Vong laid on the ground until Yossy told Zappity to go over and wake him, except Zappity found a crack in the Vonduun Crab Armor the Vong was wearing and when he electrically shocked the Vong it killed him. Leading Yossy to investigate more on how electricity effects the Yuuzhan Vong.

After this little episode with Natasi/Katja and no one hearing her out the group continued on to try and find a way off the planet. After exploring the massive group of people outside the ship they discovered that there was a Hutt in their hanger and wanted to talk with him and see if he could get them off the planet. Nicko and Torel moved to talk to him, while Tim and the Wookie went to a cantina to explore, Maurade began to search for a mechanic, and Yossy wanted to cause a panic about a galactic plague in the hopes that they would let everyone off the planet.

Nicko and Torel definitely had the most success of the group. They reached the ship and talked with the 4 guards about talking with the Hutt, they let them in and let them talk to the Hutt. The two kindly addressed the Hutt in hopes of finding a way of the planet and the Hutt replied with a job opportunity that would allow them off the planet. He said that his cousin, who lives just south of Anchorhead in the old Jabba the Hutt palace, could arrange for them to get off the planet only if they take a shipment of supplies to the Maw Cluster for the Jedi Order and the New Republic. Nicko and Torel agreed and the Hutt told them that he would let them know more details when he heard back from his cousin, who he hadn’t heard from since early morning.

Maurade moved around the hanger and attempted to find a mechanic but was met with failure as none of them wanted to leave the planet because their was a way better style of living here for a mechanic than any where else. Maurade also encountered a female saboteur who was working for the Black Sun and “fixed” 4 ships in the hanger before she left and went to a Cantina. Maurade tried to follow her and eventually ran into her bodyguards as she disappeared into a back room. Maurade sat down outside the room but was soon forced away by the body guards. He refused to move and the guards called over and enforcer, their Wookie friend, and after Maurade still didn’t follow their orders Gamorreans filled in behind the Wookie. Eventually Maurade gave up and left the Cantina and waited in a back alley for her to leave. Hours later the Wookie and 13 Gamorreans appeared in front of the Cantina flanking 4 Humans(2 males and 2 females) one of them being the woman and another a tall cloaked man. They quickly moved out of the town heading Southwest towards the Hutt outpost. Nicko, who was also out at this point, saw Maurade following them and when Maurade stole a swoop to follow them Nicko did the same, eventually after Yossy caused a panic in the second hanger about a plague the hanger was quarantined and Yossy followed after them. The made it to the destroyed palace and heard voices and also saw 2 Yuuzhan Vong Transports land in the area. The 3 turned around and went back to Mos Eisley. As they entered the city, Maurade saw a group of 3 cantina patrons standing there and he used mind trick on them to convince one of them that they only came with 3 bikes, eventually one of the guys went “Buddy, we know we only came with 3 bikes and they are all here!” Maurade took his swoop back to the hanger and the ship and placed it in the lower parts of the ship. With everyone, except for Tim and the Wookie who decided to walk back to the old hut, back at the ship Yossy and Natasi agreed on guarding the ship entrance for the night. Natasi took the first shift and this began with a conversation with Maurade about her. Maurade learned very little, he kept calling her Katja and she kept replying “THAT IS NOT MY NAME!!!” Maurade continued to talk and Natasi divulged that she wanted to restore her families name to the galaxy and that she hated the Chiss, especially the deceased Grand Admiral Thrawn, this upset Maurade greatly. Natasi told him to go away and that until he learns her real name she will not talk to him.

The next day Yossy took over at the ramp for watch duty, as Natasi stayed there the entire night. Maurade went on a search and attempted to talk to the Hutt in the hanger, but quickly dug himself a hole of lies that were quickly noticed by the guards outside the ship. As Maurade tried to correct himself the Guards contacted the local police about him and that they couldn’t believe anything he said and that he was going to be arrested for trespassing on Tim’s ship. As this occurred in the hanger, Nicko attempted to get some black market goods but was denied access to the building because he was not apart of the Black Sun, so he walked back to the Hutt to hope that he could get assistance and more info about their possible escape from Tatooine.

Back in the Hanger, some of the guards went and got Natasi to vouch for Maurade but seeing as Maurade didn’t know her name he couldn’t get away from the guards. During the night Natasi and talked with the guards and shared her secrets with them, so they knew more than anyone on the ship, including her real name. Nicko who walked over in time to hear this conversation paid off the guards to let Maurade go and Nicko went on to talk with the Hutt about the plan to get off the planet and that included him having to go to Anchorhead to talk with the Hutt’s cousin and that as long as everything goes well they will be off the planet by the afternoon. As Nicko left the ship he heard the guards say to Natasi, “So Nat, how is everything going?” and Nicko responded to her, “Can we talk later?”, Natasi responded “Yes.”

Disgusted with himself and wanting to know more about Natasi, Maurade attempted to search her room but it was locked. Shortly after Natasi returned, entered her room and left with something in a bag, but she left her door open this time. Maurade entered and attempted to search her room, in about 5 minutes gathered nothing and left the room to see Natasi walking up the stairs towards him. “So…did you steal the swoop on the lower level? The Police are looking for the guy who stole a Wookie’s swoop last night,” Natasi asked Maurade. “Yes, I took it and no one will know about it,” said Maurade. Except what Maurade didn’t know was that Natasi had the comm channel open to the police below and they heard the confession about it being stolen. Maurade realized he didn’t have much time and folded the swoop out of the ship and just underneath it, except the police outside saw it appear. Back in the ship Maurade focused on moving the ship as Natasi used the force to blast him back making Maurade hit hard into Yossy’s door, who was hiding because he thought the police were going to arrest him for causing a riot in Hanger 2. Maurade stood up but it was to late the police were already in front of him asking him to turn himself in and that the Wookie wants “someone” to pay for stealing his bike. Maurade attempted to resist until he looked at Natasi and realized it was too late. Natasi had just mind-tricked Maruade into turning himself into the police. Maurde was stun cuffed and escorted out of the ship and as he walked past Natasi, she smiled and said “So long, you will never know anything about me you son of a….....

Last Day on Tatooine and the death of an Ewok

Nicko and Torel were over half way to Anchorhead, Maurde was arrested, Yossy and Natasi were safe aboard the ship, and Tim and the Wookie were out in the desert. Nicko and Torel reached Anchorhead and soon found the Hutt. While they were talking with the Hutt the gained the transponder chip to change the ship ID and the Hutt offered a mechanic to help them. Nicko and Torel accepted the help and they were told to head a couple of doors down and find a female mechanic, who was the Hutt’s best mechanic. As Nicko and Torel walked down they saw the building completely destroyed(windows smashed, smoke pouring out of the building) and as they entered the looked and saw bodies laying everywhere with holes punched through their bodies. No one was alive! The two began to follow the trail of wreckage back to the building the Hutt was in and everyone in the building had been killed, even the Hutt had been decapitated. The two exited and decided it was time to leave and get into the speeder, but the engines were sliced off by a lightsaber. The two tried to trace a big metallic creature and eventually found an area completely void of life. Nicko investigated through a window seeing over 50 Vong in a room and he attempted to fight them only to spring a trap that was laid. Another 60 warriors, 10 war droids poured out of enclosed hanger and Nicko ran back to Torel, who had gathered a speeder, and they began to run only until the big metallic creature appeared igniting a lightsaber and holding the transponder chip they needed. Nicko attempted to attack the creature only to be unsuccessful and this resulted in the creature slicing at him with 6 lightsabers, hitting him 3 times and nearly killing him. In the meantime, the big metallic creature dropped the parts, Nicko grabbed them and him a Torel took off back towards Mos Eisley.

Back in Mos Eisley, Natasi and Yossy loaded all the equipment that was to be brought to the Maw and witnessed Torel and Nicko speeding past to tell the Hutt about the death of his cousin. The Hutt, even though very upset, lent one of his guards to install the transponder chip and told Nicko and Torel that he would be leaving with them. In another part of town, Maurde was imprisoned and under the guard of people he has never seen before. While in his imprisonment Nicko tries to help out but was unsuccessful and Maurde was left to the fate, of losing a limb! The guards weren’t going to do it they were bringing someone from Anchorhead to do the work. Nicko decided to stick around and wait. Inside the prison Maurde wraps himself up and attempts to “fold” himself out of the prison, only to end up in another cell and after attempting it a second time he ends outside. Except he only ends up in a opened yard in the back of the detention facility. Nicko sees him, as well as the big metallic creature who is tracking Maurde, and Maurde “folds” himself out into the desert. Maurde is out in the middle of the desert and the big Metallic creature is chasing him eventually they meet up and Maurde tricks the creature into looking away allowing time for Nicko and Torel to arrive and help him. While they move into attack the creature Nicko cuts him off from the force, Maurde slams him and Torel chokes him and while the creature was on the ground all 6 lightsabers ignite and the creature eventually pulls himself off the ground and everyone hears a beeping coming from him. The group realized they didn’t have much time. Torel, still in a speeder, continued to choke him, Nicko slashed at him and Maurde stood in the back, while his lightsaber floated over to the creature. In the background, a high pitched scream was fast approaching them in the air. As they fought the creature 4 R-41 starchasers come down on everyone in a single attack run, they all shot and killed the creature, obliterated Nicko, severely wounded Torel and Maurde used the force to shield him from the blast. Afterwards Torel walked over cut open the body of the creature and pulled 2 lightsaber crystals out, he also cut off the head of the creature and took it back to show the Hutt. After that Torel was given the information that they would be leaving in 3 hours.

Out in the desert things are going extremely well for Tim and the Wookie. The wookie brings back plenty of food after a successful hunt, while Tim stumbles across a hidden room in the lower part of the hut. In the lower part Tim finds lots of holorecordings from the HoloNews and also a work bench full of lightsaber designs, a couple resembling Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. Tim grabs everything so he can complete his study when the group leaves the planet. The ship picks them up in the desert and takes off, successfully getting past the blockade, and heading towards the Maw.

Chapter 4: The Maw and “Shelter”

On the way to the Maw, everyone watched the holorecordings Tim gathered and everyone gained a knowledge of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, the Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire, the Empire’s defeates and victories against the Rebel Alliance, and much much more. Also while in hyper Torel learned more about Natasi and Natasi even agreed to teach Torel the techniques to appear in one spot but not actually be there. Once they arrived in the Maw, the group successfully navigated past the black holes and arrived at “Shelter” owned by Lando Calrissian but currently under the control of the New Republic. The group leaves the ship enters the main hallway and learns the most of the younger Jedi are here but very few Knights and Masters are present. While most of the group remains in the main hallway by the entrance, Maurde takes off and investigates more of the facility, trying to enter rooms he is not cleared to get into, enters the detention block, the war room, and a couple of training rooms, eventually finding a force training room with a highly skilled Ithorian standing in the middle of the room, after he destroyed all the training droids without even moving. Maurde walks over and begins to talk with the Ithorian and he eventually learns the Ithorian is named, Ourea.

The group had spent weeks at the station training and closing in on the time where they will become Jedi Knights. With all the training going Maurde attempted to join the New Republic Army and enlisted in the army. By taking the time away from his jedi training to do that he was unable to build his lightsaber when the rest of the group got the chance to build it. Once completed the group had felt more accomplished and their one wish had come true, the masters at the station were going to allow them to take the Jedi Trials. Each group member, Natasi included, would go through the Jedi Trials and if they passed they could become Jedi Knights. While Maurde wasn’t as far in his training the masters let him take the trials to get a sample of what he could be up against.

The Jedi Trials

The trials, on the station, consisted of two parts the first was how the student handles itself against a sith creature and the second part was they had to battle a force ghost/spirit of a dark side user. The first to go through was Kewowada and she slammed the beast killing it and then entered the final phase and encountered the spirit of Darth Maul! She struggled at first but her brute strength overpowered the agile Sith Apprentice and eventually she crushed him, passing her trial! The next to enter was Natasi and she took an even more aggressive stance and used the force to brutally beat down her opponents and flew through her trials unharmed. Yossy entered the trial next taking down the Sith beast and then faced off against Xanatos and finished him off quickly, the second fastest to beat his opponent other than Natasi. Tim entered the trial next, armed with his twin guard shotos hunted down the Sith beast and then moved on to fight a Prophet of the Dark Side, who attacked with a force storm, but that wasn’t enough to slow down Tim who slowly made his way behind him and ended the battle by stunning him and then killing him. Maurde was the next to enter, he was the first one to get attacked by the Sith beast because he could not find it hiding, slowly he killed off the beast and moved on to face one of the toughest opponents in the trial. Maurde faced off against Galen Marek, former apprentice of Darth Vader, but Marek proved to be way to powerful for the negotiating oriented Maurde, who could not hit Marek once! Next to enter was Torel who found the beast and slaughtered it and then moved onto fight a Nightsister of Dathomir, who seemed really easy to defeat for Torel. Finally Ourea entered the trial,fully prepared to defeat anyone he encounters, especially after his force battle he had with Torel earlier. Ourea entered and defeated the Sith Beast and then found out that he had to defeat, probably, the most powerful Sith Spirit in the trials DARTH BANE!! The battle started out with opening attempts to force choke each other, both attempts failed, Ourea attempted to end the battle quickly and got in touch and unleashed a POWERFUL force choke, only to have it turned back on him ending his trial abruptly. He failed but another chance will come very soon, before everyone becomes Jedi Knights!

In their remaining time at Shelter, the group continued their training and Ourea took another attempt at his Jedi Trial. This time around Ourea faced off against Galen Marek and this battle quickly turned against him again! Marek blasted him with force lightning but that was going to be the only attack Marek would get in on him. Ourea attacked quickly by blinding him and and then moving in and using the force to choke him. Ourea continued to choke and when he lost his concentration Marek turned around and attempted to blast him again with lightning but that was sent back at him and Ourea finished him off with another choke. With most of the group having passed their trials they were soon gathered up to meet with Tionne and learn of a new mission. The group learned that they would move out from shelter and head to Mon Calamari.

Chapter 5: Mon Calamari

Tim and the group took off from Shelter and arrived in Mon Calamari a day later and were instructed to go to meet with the newly elected Chief of State Cal Omas and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Once at his office the group met, Chief of State Omas, Master Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Jacen Solo, Tahiri Veila and retired Rebel Alliance Admiral, Admiral Ackbar. While they waited patiently for their meeting to start most of the members dispersed and the meeting consisted of the Jedi, Omas, Skywalker and Ackbar, during the meeting they discussed the formation of the Galactic Alliance. Skywalker and Omas asked the group to go to the Imperial Remnant Capital, Bastion, and use Katja Organa’s connections in the Empire to bring them into the Galactic Alliance and the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. They were also told that they would have a squad of soldiers with them and were to leave within a couple of days. Maurde took care of the squad of soldiers and gathered a special forces group, while Ourea and Torel sought ways to improve their ship. Also Yossy who had gained trust with Master Skywalker was given an assignment to research a lost living planet, known as Zonama Sekot. Yossy gained access to the secured files and gained as much knowledge he could and passed all that along to Master Skywalker. While the group was split up, Katja met up with a Royal Guard from the Imperial Remnant and set up a meeting with the Moff Council to prove her lineage to them. Ourea overheard that conversation and quickly became suspicious of this 16 yr old girl that he was traveling with.

Chapter 6: Bastion, Formation of the Galactic Alliance and Discovery of Katja’s true Identity

The group left Mon Calamari, with a squad of 9 special forces commandos and traveled for eight days in hyper. They arrived in Bastion to the site of thousands of TIE fighters and massive Star Destroyers protecting the Imperial Remnant’s capital planet. The group was quickly under the guard of TIE fighters as the went down to the surface and were soon protected by Royal Guard Interceptors as they were escorted to land on the planet surface in the general Docking Bay. Once there the ship was quickly surrounded by a squad of the 501st stormtrooper legion waiting to escort Katja to her meeting. The group was not sure of what to do and the little girl decided she wasn’t going to wait for them to decide and left for the meeting. Once outside the ship the girl talked very briefly with the 501st and was being escorted towards her meeting when she was joined by her Master or to the group still on the ship it was just a woman who came walking out from behind a battered YT-1300 docked across from them. Ourea had enough and discussed it with the rest of the group and set up guard outside the ship and decided to attempt to see what this meeting was all about. He, Yossy and Maurde attempted to spy on the meeting but only caught the end of the conversation and heard…”you will be given 4 Royal Guards, 3 squads of the 501st and a Assassin-Class Corvette.” After listening in Ourea passed this information along to the rest of the group and stated that Katja may not be with them anymore. They received a message from her soon after stating that Imperials will come by to pick up her personal items and that caused Yossy and Maurde to hide in the ventilation system, as Yossy didn’t want to get in trouble and Maurde could be killed. Eventually a squad of stormtroopers and a female “officer” arrived and instructed everyone to come out of the ship, so no one would be harmed. Reluctantly Yossy came out, but Torel had to pull Maurde out of the Ventilation system, Kewowada was out exploring the Capital City and stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowds of Imperials, Tim and Ourea waited outside the ship and quickly sensed the force from the “officer” as she scanned the ship to make sure it was empty, luckily it was empty. The stormtroopers set to work on emptying Katja’s stuff and the group was in awe that she had all that stuff but quickly realized that she had kept “a lot” of stuff in the locked storage on the 3rd level of the ship. Once emptied the “officer” asked if they would like to join Katja on her Assassin, at first the group didn’t want to because they were supposed to be working for the GA not the Empire, but they quickly found out that the Empire was apart of the GA thanks to Katja and she was talking with Omas and Skywalker right now. The group agreed and moved over to the Assassin and were instructed to stay in the back of the ship and keep away from the engine room.

As they began to get accustomed to the new ship they began to explore, Maurde attempted to get into a meeting between Katja, the Royal Guards, a Guard all in Black and one other guard, but was denied. Eventually he joined the 501st in the general lounge and Yossy learned that Katja shared his favorite food with the cook and they surprised him with his meal. After that Maurde and Yossy traveled around the city, Kewowada and Tim investigated the ship, so did Torel and Ourea who discovered the hanger full of Royal Guard Interceptors. Ourea continued on and found the private quarters for Katja and the guards and an empty but furnished room. Ourea discovered full pictures of Palpatine and investigated into that and discovered that Katja’s real name was Natasi Pallopides, a distant relation to Palpatine.

The next couple of days on Bastion flew by and the group began to become accustomed to their new ship. But as always, Maurde decided to investigate the city and eventually made his way to the Moff Palace with Yossy. In his time there he began to investigate the elevator shafts in the back of the building eventually making his way up to a floor that had a lobby with a door on the other end of the way. He made his way towards that door, which opened, and he saw a group of stormtroopers and an Imperial Officer standing in the room. He searched his feelings and searched the room and realized that officer and stormtroopers were fake and loaded with explosives, as was the rest of the room. He set of the explosives in the stormtroopers and then folded himself to just in front of the door on the far side of the room. After not getting the correct code to enter the room, he folded himself into the next room. He appeared in an office which happened to be the office of Grand Admiral Palleon. Maurde was placed under arrest for conspiracy and was being taken away by the Royal Guards when he tried to mind-trick his way out of it, while he succeeded in somethings he tried he could not get out of getting arrested. So he tried to fight his way out but Palleon contacted Natasi about the “Chiss” being in places he shouldn’t be and Natasi replied that she would take care of him. While Maurde was in the middle of the battle with the guards, the female “officer” or Natasi’s Master appeared and convinced Maurde to surrender.

Maurde was escorted across the city by 6 Royal Guards and the “officer” by the time they reached the 501st base Maurde was stripped of his lightsaber and was escorted by 56 soldiers to his holding cell, Ourea had witnessed this entire event and Yossy ran off in terror about this. The “officer” left him and ran off with his lightsaber, leaving him unarmed and the soldiers escorted him down a long hallway to the holding cell. He was placed in the cell and eventually was left guarded by 8 501st soldiers. He tricked one of the guards into letting him out and then threw him into the shield, killing him. He eventually made it past the guards and disarmed one of them before moving down the long hallway and he reached the door and tried to slam it open with the force but it only opened about 6in. From the other side he heard a female voice tell him to get back in his cell or she will make him pay. He retreated back down the hallway only to have the door open and 2 Royal Guards, wearing all black, were moving down the hall towards him. In a brief battle he was able to disarm the guards by taking his lightsaber pike. The guards retaliated with force lightning and Maurde was also getting shot at by the 501st guards he didn’t disarm. Eventually Maurde was badly beaten and on the verge of death, when the “officer” came through the door and told him to surrender and he will only lose his hand, when he refused she choked the remaining life out of him.

Maurde woke up to the sound of medical droids and was in excruciating pain. When he woke and got rid of the droids that kept coming in he realized that the Imperials and the “officer” weren’t kidding he did lose a hand but they also cut off his other arm as well. Maurde was barely alive and missing one hand and an arm. He remained in the cell until it was destroyed during the battle that was occurring outside.

Battle on Bastion

The rest of the group was instructed to meet outside the Moff Palace by Natasi because the Yuuzhan Vong were in the system and were staging an assault on the planet. She divided the group up and sent Tim, Doilin and Kewowada along with a bunch of 501st soldiers to defend the east side of the side, while her, the “officer”, Yossy and Ourea defended the west side. The Vong came in and attacked swiftly! Yossy quickly shot down a squad of them, Ourea cut down a bunch and slowly Doilin, Tim and Kewowada were cutting their way through the Vong heading at them. Natasi and the “officer” sliced their way through the Vong with lightsabers and lightwhips also using the force in a wide variety of ways that no one else in the group could even imagine. When the prison walls were destroyed a battle beaten Maurde made his way to the wall and attempted to direct the troops in front of him but eventually jumped down into the battle and hoped that he would live long enough to succeed in his goals.

The battle raged on, and quickly the Jedi found themselves on the end of a losing battle. While Kewowada, Torel, and Tim managed to hold their line they were quickly being outflanked as the Yuuzhan Vong broke through the lines behind them and closed in them. Yossy, Maurde, Ourea, Natasi and her Master were slowly being overrun until Ourea, Natasi and her Master decided enough was enough and quickly used their force powers to “end” the battle. Ourea assisted in the destruction of the city by ripping apart the command center to the 501st camp and using it to demolish the advancing Vong. He quickly destroyed 7 squads of advancing Vong,else where Natasi and her Master unleashed the force in variety of ways and destroyed the Vong. Even with the massive efforts of the group, Natasi ordered them to fall back to the Corvette and prepare to leave. The group fell back to the ship and watched the sky to the west of them grow black with the high pitched scream of TIE Bombers bearing down on them. The corvette took off as over 40+ squads of bombers blanketed the city destroying buildings and all life in the city.

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