Part 2

Chapter 7: The Dark Life of Nar Shaddaa

The group decided it would be best to lay low for a while and left for the pirate moon of Nar Shaddaa. While en route to the moon Natasi asked Torel to become her apprentice and he agreed, this did not sit well with Ourea who attempted to spy on him and Natasi. Natasi took care of Ourea by making him relive his worst memory. Ourea woke up and found himself in an escape pod rigged to blow up if he tried to exit the craft before Natasi allowed him out. The group arrived in Nar Shaddaa and they landed immediately at a Hospital and that was when the unexpected happened. Natasi agreed to not harm Ourea, unless he got in the way, but a Royal Guard appeared asking him to go to the hospital with Maurde. Ourea agreed and followed Maurde and they were soon split and went in different directions. BY a long shot Maurde had the more pleasant trip to the hospital and received a new pair of hands. Ourea, unfortunately was set up by an unknown person, and was forced into a dark room and quickly found himself in the Vong Biotechnology known as the Embrace of Pain. He kept trying to fight the Pain but everytime he was brought to the edge of death he was healed and endured the excruciating pain all over again. Tim, Yossy and Kewowada experienced his pain through the force and traced him to the room to help him. Sensing his life fading and Ourea getting ever closer to the Dark Side of the force the group attempted to rescue him. After a long process they freed him but things were not well, once on the ship the wookie, for some unknown reason to Yossy or Tim, smothered Ourea sending him over the edge to the Dark Side and sending him into a rage against the Wookie.

While Ourea went into a rage against Kewowada, Torel was out working on building his own personal bodyguard unit by buying IG-1000 Magnaguard Units. Also Maurde after a successful surgery was out on the town searching… Natasi was not seen by anyone in their first day or two on the planet making them wonder if she actually was with them. Eventually things got sorted out and the group remained on Nar Shaddaa for a couple of days. During that time Torel and Ourea found out that a former Jedi from the Clone Wars turned Sith Lord betrayed Ourea and tortured him to turn him against the group. Natasi asked them Yossy to track him and after Yossy discovered who he was and found lightsaber crystals. Natasi sent Torel and Ourea to find and recover the crystals. Yossy got the one he found and Ourea kept the rest. In the groups time their Maurde tried to gamble and gain clothes, everyone else joined in and gained a lot of money. While they were gambling Yossy and Tim also learned about rumors that a Yuuzhan Vong fleet was moving to attack Naboo. They quickly passed that info to Natasi and the group gathered back on the ship and set coordinates for Naboo.

While the ship was preparing to leave Maurde caused major problems by the cockpit eventually Torel intervened and Natasi orderd Maurde to be placed in a escape pod for the trip. The trip was going smoothly most of the group trained and worked together for what was going to happen when they reached Naboo. Back in the escape pod Maurde woke up and decided enough was enough, he was going to get out of this escape pod. Unfortunately he entered the wrong code and set off the explosives rigged to the pod and blew up the back portion of the ship. Seeing the ship was in hyper it was abruptly thrown out of hyper and destroyed the hyperdrive, the majority of the engines, all of the escape pods, killing Maurde, Ourea, and many of the stormtroopers onboard. Many were also injured suffering injuries ranging from broken bones to concussions. But the ship was thrown out of hyper and now stranded…somewhere on their path to Naboo.

Chapter 8: Vegresso Asteroids and Inside a Worldship

The group exited hyper in the middle of an asteroid and the momentum of the ship pushed them through the field. As they hurtled out of control through the asteroid field their ship was getting damaged beyond any hope of repair. Eventually they came across a Yuuzhan Vong worldship stationed in the area and they were pulled in to the ship. In the panic of the sudden death the group tried to organize themselves, Torel tried to revive Natasi, Tim placed himself in a bacta tank, Yossy and Kewowada organized themselves and repaired the droids. As they became organized the next thing they knew two new people were onboard the ship. One was a heavily armed human and the other was unarmed Twi-lek. Yossy and the twi-lek moved through the ship and eventually made it to the medical bay were they encountered Kewowada, Torel, and the human. Once there something happened and the bacta tank Tim was in was destroyed and in an atttempt to help the Twi-lek broke Tim’s leg…again. From then on the wookie stood very very close to the unknown Twi-lek.

Eventually the group along with the remaining 501st and the revived Natasi left the ship in an attempt to get to a ship and Naboo. With the human at point they made their way through the worldship. They encountered amphistaffs that were being grown, vonduun armor that Torel and the human took, and even encountered Yuuzhan Vong shapers. The only danger happened when the Twi-lek wandered away from the group and encountered a new breed of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. They could counter any force power and even use a form of the force back. The group struggled in their fight against them and eventually Natasi left the group, she told them to go on without her and she wandered down the hallway to fight and die….

The group continued on exploring the rest of the world ship and avoiding any Yuuzhan Vong they saw. Eventually they discovered holes cut in the walls and Natasi’s destroyed lightsaber and many dead Yuuzhan Vong. They decided enough was enough and when they discovered the room full of Yuuzhan Vong freighters they used the force to crush the 50 Vong in the room, but also killed the captured 501st Stormtroopers in the room. They fled and avoided encountering over 1,000 Vong by blocking all ways to them. As they fled into space the group came face to face with an Imperial Star Destroyer that entered destroyed the World Ship, any Vong fighters and even bombed the freighter they were hiding in. Eventually they entered hyper and were exited at Naboo, with a massive Yuuzhan Vong worldship in their way…..

Chapter 9: Naboo

The group exited hyper and were quickly flanked by Coralskippers that would escort them down to the planet. During the descent the majority of the skips were destroyed by attacking Naboo starfighters. The bounty hunter, Torel and the new jedi landed in a secluded place outside of a massive city. The escorting coralskipper landed behind them and the bounty hunter and Torel quickly dispatched the pilot. After much debate the group entered the city and walked past a massive crime scene, 5 murders were committed the night before. But everyone but the new guy and the bounty hunter were escorted to the hospital. The bounty hunter sought away to contact the Galactic Alliance and made contact with the Royalty and sent a message to them. After that the new guy managed to get away from everyone, but the wookie. As he went searching for a crystal the wookie tracked him, in hopes to end his mischievous ways. Torel also spotted this and followed, eventually catching up to the wookie and the new twi-lek. Torel started all the work by gripping the twi-lek while the wookie “walked” away. She eventually returned and cut off Torel’s arm. Leading to a quick battle that the wookie won! She killed Torel and let the Twi-lek off. He went back to searching but set up a funeral pyre for Torel and began to burn his body when a security force intervened and attempted to arrest him for murder because he couldn’t prove the “wookie” existed. Eventually they let him go but placed a tracking device on him and the group continued their ways with Yossy watching out for Tim and the wookie. Telling the wookie to hide and Tim helped with that. They eventually met up with the Bounty hunter who was making money to get a ship and get off the planet, he also got them connecting rooms at the nearest hotel.

During the night 3 more murders occurred, the Bounty Hunter stole money from the wookie and the city lost power due to an “power surge” which freed the Twi-lek from his tracking device. The following day Yossy and the bounty hunter began investigation of the crime scenes and found wookie hair planted in the crime scenes. Eventually Tim, Kewowada and the Twi-lek joined them and with the help of Tim they learned about a “30yr old woman” committing the murders. Eventually, through the force, Tim tracked this suspect to the Royal hanger and after being locked in they began their investigation, which included setting of the Royal Starships security system which could have killed them in a second. Eventually they moved towards the power generator room and sensed the dark side near them…....

As the group entered the room the proceeded with caution and made their way across platforms. In the slow progression through the approached a door that was looked with no way for them to get in. The bounty hunter quickly hotwired the door to open revealing a room with 2 engineers and an elevator. The group entered the room hoping to take the elevator but one engineer advised against going up because no one has ever come back from going up. The group left the room proceeding further into the power generator and stumbled across a platform that had no way of leading to it. There was a door on that platform and the bounty hunter, Yossy and the twi-lek used the force and jet packs to reach the platform. Once there the door opened revealing an empty room with a door on the other side. There were no controls to this door, even after the twi-lek checked both sides, but after all attempts the door still wouldn’t open. Tim and Kewowada eventually joined them and with Tim’s help they discovered that the door would not open unless they had the correct force powers to open it.

So, the group left and continued their search for the dark side and made their way down a long hallway to the reactor exhaust pit. Once their they searched the room behind the pit, discovering a body that was pierced by a lightsaber. As they investigated, the bounty hunter searched the computer security holograms and saw a dark, horned-man with a blue outline around his body pierce the engineer, killing him and then disappearing. The bounty hunter gathered this info and then the group proceeded to leave and this time encountering that dark horned man. The bounty hunter took a shot and it passed right through the body and he took another shot and hit the lightsaber, seemingly damaging it. The dark horned-man quickly took off towards the room with the unknown door, as the bounty hunter tracked him the unknown man walked right through the door. That seemed to be enough the group made towards the exit, until they heard screaming from the room with two engineers. They ran over seeing a black and red skinned Zabrak standing over the two engineers who were pierced through the chest by his double-bladed lightsaber. NOBODY made a move until the zabrak got into a fighting stance and then the wookie, bounty hunter and twi-lek readied for a fight. Then out of nowhere inside Kewowada’s head she heard the voice of Torel Din, telling her to “RUN!!!!” She took off, Yossy and Tim quickly followed and then the Twi-lek and the Bounty Hunter.

Once out the group contacted the guards to let them out and under brief questioning the guards revealed that they should talk to a Moff Panaka about the mysterious ghost that has plagued the complex for 57 years. The bounty hunter took off hoping that the Queen could arrange a meeting with Panaka and that was arranged. Timotheus Ishmerai , the Bounty Hunter and Kewowada went to meet with Panaka, who told them it was Darth Maul who was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi about 10 years before the start of the Clone Wars. Panaka kept it brief and told them to leave afterwards.

Elsewhere in Theed, the Twi-lek continued his search for a crystal to build his lightsaber. He tried a jeweler who told him that he didn’t have anything and told him that he should dive underwater for stuff like that. The twi-lek did just that after searching for nearly 2 hours he found what he was looking for. It was a PINK crystal about 50 feet down, so he swam down to retrieve it, frying his comlink and Tim’s lightsaber in the process, once there he realized that the crystal was stuck in a boulder and after a long drawn out and painful process he managed to free the boulder and somehow get it to the surface. Once on the surface he called Yossy for help and together they cut out a 10lb pink crystal. Soon after Tim, the Bounty Hunter and Kewowada appeared and followed the twi-lek on his next dangerous path, which led back to the jeweler.

Once there they asked if the jeweler could cut it down and after the Twi-lek refused the astronomical amount he went back outside the store and cut the crystal down in front of everyone. That was when all hell began to break loose!!! The jeweler came out and claimed that the crystal was stolen from him and the Twi-lek did the theft, soon after guards and police surrounded the group. The guards moved into arrest the twi-lek and force him to return the crystals to the jeweler because the guards believed the jeweler(who was related to the queen). They continued to argue about the issue and then declared that they would turn the Twi-lek over to the Peace Brigade for a nice bounty and rid the galaxy of “another damn jedi.” The twi-lek had enough and used the force to push everyone away, killing the jeweler and a guard and injuring others and in a reaction Tim used the force to shatter the twi-lek’s mind causing extreme pain. The bounty hunter turned over the twi-lek for a quick 1,000,000 credits and then made off for the ship the Galactic Alliance gave them so they could reach Hapes.

Once at the ship they guards told them to wait until a package was delivered….it was the Twi-lek in a medical capsule. They entered hyper and spent the time either rebuilding lightsabers, training, or fabricating parts for a lightsaber.

Chapter 10: Hapes and Preparation for the Final Battle

They landed on Hapes about 9 days later, once there they were told that they were preparing for the Final Assault on Coruscant and they would train here. While most of the Jedi went of to train, the Twi-lek went on a search for a Jedi Master….

While the bounty hunter talked with a officer he learned that there was a bounty out for a Nightsister of Dathomir causing them problems in the wilderness. The bounty hunter set out to track the nightsister and began by following the tracks of a Rancor. As he traced those tracks he stumbled across another set of prints….those of an Aleena…..they were heading in the same direction as the Rancor.

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